Shy Pup: Overcoming Fears and Insecurities

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I think any entrepreneur can be trapped by their fears. However, the difference between a successful entrepreneur and one that continually struggles, is how they face that fear. I see more females who do not start a project or put themselves forward for something because they are scared. As a woman, throughout our whole lives we are compared to one another and told that we are not good enough. More time is spent ensuring we look a certain way and that we do not do anything to upset others.  ‘Like a girl’ is a negative statement used in a variety of ways. It truly is a double standard. A fearless and confident female is more envied and spoken poorly about instead of encouraged and admired. An assertive female who goes out to get what she wants is considered bossy not a leader. Things are changing and we are seeing more and more women accomplish tremendous success within the business world. However, there are still a large number of us who think we are not good enough or worry about what others think. We become trapped by these fears and they stop us from taking on certain projects or putting ourselves out there. We can get stuck from the voices in our head that have us doubting ourselves and our abilities. We need to stop doing this and the only way to do so is to just get out and do it!

I recently took part in an online business course targeted for women. The course was great, but I noticed how so much of it was focused on coaching us that we could do this, we had to believe we had the skills to do so and to believe in ourselves. This was excellent advice, but it got me thinking about how this would not exist in a course specifically for entrepreneurs and not just females. And it made me angry. Not angry at the course, but just angry that we need so much reassurance to get out and do something. The group is excellent in providing the much needed support and encouragement for everyone, but it got me thinking about how our fears and self doubt are crutches for so many women. I’ve been struggling with this lately myself, and have been thinking a lot about all the barricades I’ve been putting up for myself, and assuming they are put there by someone else or for some other reason. Let’s keep up with our encouragement and support and learn how to face our fears and conquer our self doubts! If you have been thinking of your next big project or undertaking, but have struggled to get it started, read below on how to make it happen.

Just Do It
We hear this all of the time, but so many of us do not act on it. We sit and think of all the reasons why we have more important things to do, why people may not like it, the reasons why someone else may be better at it, and so many other reasons we tell ourselves to wait. What does waiting accomplish? Nothing. Except maybe to open the door and allow someone else to come along and do it instead. I love the shows, Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, and often think about how many people must be sitting at home watching the show and be cursing themselves for not acting on an idea that is being pitched. The only difference between them and the people on the show are that they didn’t act on it. They thought of it, and then thought of all the reasons they shouldn’t do it, gave into their fears, and didn’t pursue their idea. What are you waiting for?

Tell Your Inner Doubts To Shut Up
These are the worst and the ones that so many of us listen to. The ones that tell you that you are not good enough, that you may fail, that there are others who can do this better. We must stop listening to them. They are there to protect you, to avoid the potential struggle and challenges ahead. But not one successful entrepreneur will tell you that they got to where they were because it was easy. These challenges and struggles are the best things for us to face. They make us stronger, more resilient and they are part of reaching your goals. Do not let your fear of them stop you. “A stumbling block to the pessimist is a stepping-stone to the optimist.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Let The Nay Sayers And Haters Light A Fire
We all have people who will tell us to play it safe and not take risks. And there are others who will not like what you are doing. This happens to everyone. The ones who want you to play it safe, care about you. Like your own inner voice, they are trying to protect you. They don’t want you to struggle, or be hurt or suffer. And chances are, they’ve played it safe in their lives. There is nothing wrong with this, but you are different. You know you have more to offer and more to share. The ones that tell you all the reasons why you shouldn’t, should drive you to prove to them why you should. Take it as fire to prove them wrong.

And what about the haters? These are the people that envy what you are doing. They are dealing withtheir own insecurities and are upset that you are doing what they want to be doing. They want you to fail. You must ignore them. Block them. Cut them out of your life. Remove all negativity and focus on your passion and what drives you to do more.

What Now?
My hopes from this are that we learn to better support each other and celebrate each other’s success. We are all on different paths and have so much to offer. Any time a negative thought, a doubt, or fear crosses your mind, learn to turn it off and ignore it. If you have ideas and projects you want to start, I challenge you to sit down today and map it out and start making a plan. The only reason why it is not happening, is because you are giving into your fears and not starting it. Take responsibility for your own life and do it today.


Please share on what has stopped you or how you may have given into your fears? How are you going to take control of your life and make it happen? You’ve got this and I would love to hear what you accomplish.